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And finally, as promised, a couple of links to the online stores stocking the paperback of No Fire Without Smoke.

Here's the UK Amazon link.

Here's the USA Amazon link.

Here's the Australian Amazon link.

And here we have the Canadian Amazon link.

(Though, somewhat perversely, the first edition hardcover is still available, and cheaper, on the Canadian site right now. So if you want a copy, click here.)

I thank you.

no fire without smoke paperback cover

New Year, new book.

Well, not exactly. But close. New year, new version of old book. That might be closer to the truth. 

Although its official release date was January first of this year, the large print paperback of NO FIRE WITHOUT SMOKE hasn't really filtered through to the online stores as yet. As soon as it does, I'll mention it on here. But, I do have my author copies, and so I have an image of the paperback to share with you.  Here we are.

Cool, huh?

a little bite of christmas

Season's greetings, one and all.
Yup. It's that time of the year, folks, when I get to remind you that in the Free Fiction section of this blog you can read a short Chrismas story . . . For Free!

I know, I'm so giving . . .

It's called "Christmas Calories", and you can get to it easily by clicking Here.

Merry Christmas, "Ho, ho, ho," and all of that.


paperback writing

I haven't seen the cover art yet, so can't post any images, but in the spirit of full disclosure I just thought I'd mention that my western from the other year, NO FIRE WITHOUT SMOKE, is due a paperback release in the first quarter of 2019. It's being published by Throrpe, as part of their Linford Westerns range, and they're the same lovely people who put out the paperback of my first western, HOUR OF THE BLACK WOLF.

NO FIRE's official release date is January 1st, but I can't see many people out on New Year's Day seeking it out. Still, it should be good.  We of course thank the people at Thorpe kindly and look forward to seeing the copies out there in the real world.

I'll just reiterate something I've said before, because it bears repeating and remembering. It's a treat to be published, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Seeing a book alive and in print is a rare enough and special thing, given how many folk are out there, writing without reward. Seeing a book go from hardback into paperback is a heart warming experience, and a help getting through the cold months of winter.

So. The paperback of NO FIRE WITHOUT SMOKE should be in the libraries next year, and there will be copies available on all the good - and some of the not so good - bookselling websites.

(Incidentally, and should you be interested, I've notied that a couple of copies of the hardcover of NO FIRE have sprung into existence on amazon.co.uk. For a while no such copies were available. Both the hardcover and paperback of BLACK WOLF sold out quickly, and are only available through dealers these days, some of which I would suggest are being a bit hopeful by listing the hardcover for over a hundred pounds . . . But, you know, maybe they have children to feed. If you so fancy, you're allowed to buy a copy of NO FIRE at less than the cover price on amazon. I promise you, it's fine. It's no crime. And Christmas is coming, if you were still looking for gifts . . . Click here for a copy.)

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