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Back view of a man looking towards the sea, in black and white
Mark Patrick Lynch is the author of Hour of the Black Wolf, published in hardcover by Robert Hale and in paperback by FA Thorpe. His latest book, published January 2016, is No Fire Without Smoke, also from Robert Hale.

His short stories, mainstream and genre, have appeared in a number of publications around the world, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Aesthetica, Dream Catcher, Bastion, the British Fantasy Award-winning Elastic Book of Numbers, Supernatural Tales, New Myths, Literary Hatchet, Sensorama, Dark Harvest, and Zahir

A man's shadow on the sand with the sea in the distance

Mark divides his time between Kent and Yorkshire,
with his partner Michelle and Millie, the mint-eating dog. 

Say hello on twitter @markplynch 
Or send him an email at mplynchonline (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

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