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Free Fiction

(new!) (Free on Kindle Unlimited) What I Wouldn't Give ebook (Kindle) UK / USA / Canada / AUS /

(new!) The Deception Glass ebook (Kobo) 2018 UK / USA / Canada / AUS

Driftwood (The Wyrd) 2017

(newly free!) After Jerusalem (Sci Phi Journal) 2017

We Shall Make Monsters audio - (Sage and Savant) 2017 (and on iTunes)

Not Another Duck! (With Candlelight) 2017 - unfortunately no longer available

Christmas Calories 2016

Fashioning Trees (Unsung Stories) 2016

This Land of Shadow (New Myths) 2014

A Song About The End of The World (scifi-and-fantasy.land) 2014

So Below, So Above (Literary Hatchet 9) 2014

Dr. Aljimati, Professor of the Forlorn Sky (Bad Dream Entertainment) 2014 - unfortunately no longer available

An Insatiable Hunger for Cats - audio (Bizarrocast) 2014

In The White of the Snow  (Daily Science Fiction) 2012

The Winter Astronaut  (Abyss & Apex  - Magazine of Speculative Fiction) 2006

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