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little boy, little girl, lost in the woods

I have a new short story, "Little Boy, Little Girl, Lost in the Woods", in the latest edition Midnight Echo, published by the Australian Horror Writers Association. The one and only Geoff Brown did the business editing things and generally improving my story, and has worked hard on the layout of the entire issue too.

Here's the first paragraph:

So Helena is dead as well, and
although she is so by her own hand, I
know in any sense that matters that the
act is murder. Put plainly, it is for want
of, and thus because of, them. Oh, I grant
you they may not have tied the noose
and looped the rope over the rafters;
they did not invite my new wife to dance
her last desperate jig alone in our bridal
room. Yet it is true that they did all else
but swing from her legs to hasten her

The journal is available as a print copy here, as well as across e-reader platforms here (actually, if you buy it from the guys themselves, you get epub, mobi, and PDF files all in one transaction).

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