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waiting for his hair to grow back

And, catching up . . .

I have a short short story called "Waiting For His Hair to Grown Back" in Chester University's literary magazine Flash -- The International Short-Short Story Magazine. It's flash fiction. It's 360 words long. Sometimes it's good to see what you can do when you impose a limit on yourself.

You can get the magazine here, along with submissions details here if you fancy having a go yourself. The magazine is edited by Dr Peter Blair and Dr Ashley Chantler and previous issues of the magazine have a list of impressive contributors, including Margaret Atwood, Beryl Bainbridge, Dan Rhodes, and Ian Rankin. Hopefully I haven't dragged it too far down market . . .

My tale is in Volume 6, Issue One. It's the April of 2013 issue, and so of course I am mentioning it now, in July. Because that's the kind of guy I am and because I only got my complimentary copy last week (which would have been in June, but, you know, picky, picky . . .).

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