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Winter is coming . . . and we just had out first blast of snow in Yorkshire. With that in mind, it seems sort of appropriate to mention that I have a tale in a new anthology. And the anthology is all about snow. 

See? It all fits . . . sometimes.

Snowpocalypse is a collection put together by Clint Collins and Scott Woodward, and it's the lead title from their new publishing house Black Mirror Press. Fingers crossed, it's the first publication of many.

Here's what the rear cover blurb has to say:

The calendar says the first day of Summer, but a jealous Snow wraps the world in a White Straightjacket . . .

Winter will not relinquish its throne and the polar vortext is plunging south. Icebergs gleam in the Bermuda triangle and snow is falling in the Amazon. Blizzards swirl across the Sahara and the world has become a snowglobe from pole to pole.


Is this the coming of the next Ice Age?

Can anything be done to thaw the Big Freeze?

Join seventeen talented authors from around the world on their expeditions into the Snowpocalypse and read the chilliest tales ever written.

The striking wraparound cover art of the paperback is by Ron Wade.

There's stories in it by Richard barber, Llanwyre Laish, Jennifer Loring, Zoe McAuley, Susan McCauley, Clinte Mesle, Eddie Newton, John Palisano, Cheryl pearson, Barry Rosenberg, David Sakmyster, Nicole Shelton, Matthew Shoen, Walt Socha, DJ Tyrer, Sarena Ulibarri . . . and me. Or a truncated me, anyway. For some reason the usual Mark Patrick Lynch (or on occasion Mark P Lynch or MP Lynch) byline has been reduced to Mark Lynch. Not to be confused with countless other Mark Lynches . . . But hey, such things happen. Any bad reviews, please address them to mark Lynch; any good ones . . . well, I'll take them.

My story is called "Snoe" and was written in longhand with a new fountain pen. It wasn't snowing outside, but it was chilly. I remember as well that the first draft came to an end just as I ran out of ink in the cartridge. Maybe that meant it was just the right length. I like to think so.

You can buy the book and ebook here in the UK

And here in the USA.

Put your scarf and hat on. It's chilly out there. And you wouldn't want to catch your death . . .

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